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Motocross Coaching Video - Jumping Step Downs
Step Down style jumps can be difficult obstacles to attack out on a motocross track. The main two reasons are. You are basically jumping blind, from where you take off you can't see the landing and you need to judge your speed and distance to downramp them perfectly. If you take your time while building up to jumping towards the downramp you will stay much safer than if you just guess and have a go. Step Downs are not a jump that you want to jump long and land past the downramp, it is guaranteed to be a hard landing.

ONE: A smooth straight approach will help minimise problems and give you time to get everything right before you leave the jump.

TWO: Because you can't see the downramp don't be afraid to take your time and progressively jump towards the downramp.

THREE: The landing may be a little harder than a regular jump as your bike will g-out at the base of the downramp so remember to brace yourself.

FOUR: You can have a lot of fun with step downs when you get them sorted and become comfortable so take your time, stay within your ability level and stay safe.


Mxsports Posted on 1 Sep 2010

Thanks. Great video Report this

Chris Urquhart

Urky Posted on 1 Sep 2010

Thanks for the feedback. We will keep them rolling. Report this

Chris Akins

ChrisAkins Posted on 25 Sep 2010

Nice video, helped me alot :) Report this

Yudhi Nugroho

Yudhi Posted on 29 Sep 2010

I usually jump by roll my throttle with "a single scream engine" just a second before my front wheel take off the table to get "standing effect" for my bike, is it a good idea? Report this

Erwin boboy

boboy_393 Posted on 6 Nov 2010

nice learn Report this

Lay Octaviano

Lay Posted on 7 Nov 2010

Nice......... Report this

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